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All About Pronation and Supination

Learn about foot pronation and supination through these informative articles. They can teach you anything about the subject, just take a look below.

What Kind of Shoes Should an Overpronator Wear?

To make sure that you find the proper shoes that you need in order to make the over pronation better, consult with a professional orthopaedist, who will see you in person and then help you to choose the type of shoes that suits you. In most of the cases of over pronation can be corrected [...]

What Kind of Shoes Should an Over Supinator Wear?

There are some certain things that the person, who has supintaion must look for when buying shoes. First you must taka e look at the shape of the shoes and maje sure that the medial margin of the sole is as curved as it can be and on the oner hand the outside margin must [...]

What is Pronation?

The pronation is referred to as the inward roll of the foot during normal motion. To have a pronation means that when the outer edge of the heel strikes the ground and the foot strikes inward and flattens out. There is a moderate amount of pronation for the foot to function properly, but there is [...]

How do You Know If You’re an Over Supinator?

The supination is often reffered to as the opposite of pronation, because it makes your feet move the opposite way as they do when you have pronation. The supination is a problem that leads to serious misalignment of all of the bones in the foot and also it affect some of the tendons. The supination [...]

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