What Kind of Shoes Should an Overpronator Wear?

To make sure that you find the proper shoes that you need in order to make the over pronation better, consult with a professional orthopaedist, who will see you in person and then help you to choose the type of shoes that suits you. In most of the cases of over pronation can be corrected with stability and motion control shoes. However important to know is that the motion control tends to be for the more severe cases.

The combination of high arch and over pronation is not very common, but the high arch is often given precedence, which means that you must use cushioned shoes and avoid those that are neutral. In some places nowadays specialists are using moderate stability insoles to help you tweak the over pronation. If the over pronation is from the worse kinds, the specialists may head towards to stability or motion control shoes and after that you must use a cushioned insole for your arch. Nowadays there is a large number of stability shoes available on the market and unlike the motion control shoes. Remember that the running shoes are quite important tooif you want to avoid pronation.

Some of the facts that you must have in mind are that since the running shoes are introduced to the market the injury rates have increased dramatically, because the shoes are made to force the feet into positions they are not designed for.

Many people recommend running in cheaper shoes with less support and doing some runs barefoot in the grass, because this will help you to strengthen your feet and make your stride more efficient. Go to the specialist running shops. I have found personally that level of advice & quality of shoe is greater in the comparison to high street sports stores.  Wear same socks, which you plan to run in for proper fitting. Purchase your running shoes afterwards in a day when the foot is at widest. Human foot generally tends to expand by some millimeters and in few people it will expand to 2cm at an end of a day. Measure your feet whenever you buy the running shoes. Change the running shoes after 350 to 400 miles as mid sole and heel starts to degenerate. Shoes will still be worn for the causal wear however are not suitable for pressure of the running.